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Databases: Databases - Magazine, Encyclopedia and Newspaper Articles

Please access the database passwords here if you are logged into your Robert College Google Drive account.  Databases can only be accessed by students and staff at Robert College. 

Rosetta Stone

To use Rosetta Stone, login with your school email and password.  If you are trying to login to Rosetta Stone for the first time and are off campus, please use the login and password listed in the Google doc here. Afterwards, you will login with your school email and password.  You can download the mobile app onto your smart device once you have set up your account on your computer. The app instructions are here.

If you are having an authentication issue, please follow the instructions here.




Search Robert College Library

The Literary Encyclopedia

Colombia's Granger's

The Day


New York Times

 The New York Times 

Steps to set up your NYT account or reactivate it.

1. While physically on campus and connected to our network, go to  Note: You cannot activate your Pass while off campus or via a proxy server.

2. Create a free account using your school email address.  If you already have an account using your school email address, you may log in with those credentials.

3. Next time you login into the New York Times, use your own login and password.


Britannica School Edition

Britannica Image Quest

Cumhuriyet Arşiv

Varlık Dergisi Arşivi

İslam Ansiklopedisi

Ask Ms Keyman

Ask Atakan Bey

Ankara Üniversitesi Dergiler Veri Tabanı

Ulakbim DergiPark