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İbrahim Bodur Library: About

The official webpage of Robert College İbrahim Bodur Library
The Robert College İbrahim Bodur Library is a center of creative learning and research supporting collaborative and individual study. There are spaces to study, read, create and collaborate, and an extensive and varied collection of print and electronic resources that support research and reading. The bilingual library staff can assist students with research enquiries, provide guidance in the ethical use of information, offer suggestions on what to read, and help in using new technologies for research, reading, collaboration and creation. We encourage students to ask for help or advice.


The Library has wireless internet connection throughout, two networked printers, two iMacs, iPads and an abundance of electrical outlets for laptops. There is a room and green screen for students to create videos. The library’s proxy service enables easy off-campus access to digital resources.

We ask students to be considerate of other library users and respect the noise restrictions of the area they are in. Students may bring in water in closed containers. Mobile telephones may be used for texting and searching in silent mode only - no conversation.


The Library is open Monday-Thursday 07.30 – 21.00, Friday 07.30 – 17.00 and Saturday 09.30- 17.00 during the school year. During school vacations, the Library is normally open two or three days a week, between 09.00-12.00 and 13.00-16.00 – but would-be visitors are advised to phone first to check that it is open. The Library is closed for Public Holidays and Bayrams.

Library Named for İbrahim Bodur

Library Named for İbrahim Bodur
       RC 50 Graduate gives a Major Gift fort he 150th Anniversary

I have one one wish for the present and future students of Robert College. Enjoy your time at school, go and visit the library often. Don’t just see it as a place to study but a place to explore, discover and learn. Never forget that great minds are those who never stop learning.These words of advice are from İbrahim Bodur RC’50, the Kale Group Founder and Honorary President, after whom the Library has been named in recognition of his major gift to Robert College. 

One of the focal spots on campus, the Library, went through a transformation over the 2014 summer break to address increasing demands for resources and space. The renovations have resulted in an area that is light, inviting and up-to-date. 

Starting with the 2015-16 academic year, all students will have laptops, resulting in an increased demand for electrical outlets and internet access. To address this, the floors were raised, allowing wiring and cabling, as well as the heating and cooling system, to be housed underneath.  The new system hides cables away neatly, and allows for easy upgrades in the future. An added bonus of the raised floors is that the space is closer to the windows, bringing more natural light into the rooms.

The heavy bookcases were replaced by lighter, more flexible shelving, making the print collection of approximately 37,500 English and Turkish volumes, appear to be almost suspended in air. More efficient shelving has opened up space for more work areas. Moveable furniture was selected in order to ceate small group or individual settings, depending on learning needs. The classroom space within the library has a partition wall, making it easy to accommodate large classes or smaller groups. 

The wood from the old shelves was recycled and transformed into beautiful tables that are ergonomically designed, and can be easily moved into different sized groupings. The wood has also been used for accents on the shelves and around the main room. 

Bodur says, “I dearly thank Robert College, my beloved school, for bestowing this honor on me and my family. To know that from this day on, students who have been and will be a part of this school will get inspired by a story that is not only mine but what this country, Turkey, has accomplished, is so gratifying. 

“I loved Robert College, loved every minute of my time there and cherished all that this school has given me. I still hang out with my friends and we remember those days as if they were just a few years ago.” 

The İbrahim Bodur Library is sure to be a source of memories for new generations of RC students. 

Reprinted from RC Quarterly, Spring/Summer 2015, Issue 47



The print collection includes approximately 40,000 books in both Turkish and English and many magazine and newspaper titles.  We also have an expanding collection of e-books (Overdrive) and e-magazines (Flipster) that can be accessed both on and off campus with your Robert College email and password. Databases such as JSTOR, Britannica, and EbscoHost are particularly useful for research. Rosetta Stone is a language learning platform of over 30 different languages. The Library also special collections of rare and old books. There is a subscription to a citation generator and research manager which is helpful for planning and organizing projects. These resources, and many more, can be accessed on and off campus.


Print books can be borrowed for up to three weeks on presentation of the student’s own ID card. Students will get email notices for overdue books and are not fined for late books but will be charged full replacement costs for lost books.