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Environmental Education at Robert College, and the RC Environmental Movement (RCEM): Introduction

New and Noteworthy!

Watch this amazing documentary about saving the earth on Netflix. If you don't have a personal account, ask Ms. Keyman to arrange for you to watch it with the school Netflix account.

Environmental Education at Robert College

At Robert College, we are dedicated to providing an education that does not cost the planet.  It is our goal to create a campus that strives toward Zero Waste, be Energy Neutral, and a showplace of Environmental Stewardship and Sustainability.

Environmental Education Objectives

Engaging with citizens of all demographics to:

  • Think critically, ethically, and creatively when evaluating environmental issues;
  • Make educated judgments about those environmental issues;
  • Develop skills and a commitment to act independently and collectively to sustain and enhance the environment; and,
  • Enhance their appreciation of the environment, resulting in positive environmental behavioural change (Bamberg & Moeser, 2007; Wals et al., 2014).

Environmental Education has four parts:  

  • Conveying information
  • Building understanding
  • Improving skills, and
  • Enabling sustainable actions

Current Initiatives of the RC Environmental Movement

  1. Beekeeping - Developing a sustainable program for a vigorous apiculture on the RC campus.

  2. Biodiversity - Identifying and cataloging all species on the RC campus.

  3. Climate Activism - Learning about effective actions to change societal complacency.

  4. Food - Working with the cafeteria, parents, students and staff to bring a more organic diet to RC.

  5. Gardens - Student-led design and construction of wildflower gardens.

  6. Upcycling - Learning to reuse materials to create new products.

  7. Wildfires - Finding causes and ways to reduce and track wildfires.

  8. Zero Waste - Working to make RC campus eliminate waste through composting and education.