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German 3: Citation Help

Research resources for your webpage project.

Citation - A Brief Introduction

Robert College Honor Code / Robert Kolej Etik Tüzüğü

Here are copies of the RC Honor Code in English and Turkish.  The pledge is also here.

Robert Kolej Etik Tüzüğü İngilizce ve Türkçe olarak burada yer almaktadır. Ayrıca taahhütnameye buradan ulaşabilirsiniz.

Is this Plagiarism? / Bu intihal midir?

This is a fun activity - a self-assessment quiz about plagiarism. This lesson will help you to distinguish between ethical use of information and plagiarism.



Citation and Reference Guides / Kaynakça Rehberi

Robert College Uses MLA citation conventions for all work. The resources below will help you create your Bibliography / Works Cited.


Bu dokümanlar kaynakçalarınızı oluşturmanıza yardımcı olacaktır. 

A very good resource to use that should answer all your questions is the Online Writing Lab (OWL) at Purdue Univeristy 

Purdue Üniversitesi Yazım Merkezi web sayfasında tüm sorularınızın yanıtını bulabilirsiniz. 


The official MLA cite has a great question and answer page as well as FAQ section it can be found here

Parenthetical Citations / Metin İçi Kaynak Gösterimi

These guides will help you make parenthetical (in-text) citations.

Bu dokümanlar metin içi kaynak gösterimine ilişkin sizlere yardımcı olacaktır.

Citing İmages in a Presentation / Sunumlardaki Resimlerin MLA Formatında Gösterimi

How to Cite photographs or other images in a PowerPoint presentation or other Web Project

According to MLA 8, cite an image used in a PowerPoint presentation or Web project the same way you would cite it in a printed paper. 

  • If the image is just for illustration, create a caption under the photo with the full publication details.  If there is no title, create one by describing the image. Do not italicize or place in quotation marks a made up title.  
Image from a Website Creator’s Last Name, First Name.
    Title of Photo/Image or Description. Title of
, Publisher, Date of
    Publication, URL. Date of Access. 
Image from Instagram

Account holder’s Last Name, First
     Name or Username. Title of
or Description. 
     Instagram, Other Contributors,
     Date Photo was published,
     URL.  Date of Access

Image In-Hand Creator’s Last Name, First Name.
     Title of Photo/Image. Date


Raddato, Carole. The Temple of Athena, Polinas, Priene, TurkeyFlckr,, Apr. 19, 2011. Accessed 24.09.2019.

  • If you refer to the image in the presentation, the caption should provide only enough detail needed to link to a Works Cited on the last slide.

Fig. 1 Carole Raddato, The Temple of Athena, Polinas, Priene, Turkey

                                       Works Cited

Raddato, Carole. The Temple of Athena, Polinas, Priene,
     Turkey. Flckr
 Apr. 19, 2011. Accessed 24.09.2019.

Citation Generator Software / Kaynakça Hazırlama Programı


NoodleTools is a site that helps you cite sources, take notes, create outlines, collaborate with classmates, and format and print your bibliography when doing research. 

It is linked to your school GoogleDrive account. Click this link to access your account directly. If you are logged into GoogleDrive or Docs already, click on moreapps and then click on the NoodleTools icon.

To create a new account or for more detailed instructions, please read this

NoodleTools, Robert Kolej Google Drive hesabınıza bağlı olarak çalışmaktadır. Doğrudan hesabınıza erişmek için bu linke tıklayınız. Google Drive ya da Google Doc oturumunuz açık ise, moreapps'e tıkladıktan sonra NoodleTools'a erişebilirsiniz. 

Yeni bir hesap yaratmak ya da daha fazla bilgi için tıklayınız. 

How to Create a Citation in Noodle Tools

How to Create a Notecard in NoodleTools

Free Single Source Citation Generators