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German 3: Getting Started

Research resources for your webpage project.

Getting Started

How to start researching?

  1. Decide on keywords for your topic: Sport Fußball                                                                                                      
  2. Then combine the keywords with words about immigration.

For example, Immigration Sport Fußball OR Migranten Fußball OR Multikulturell Sport.

  1. Browse through the tabs and read some of the articles on this guide for ideas and context. Take some time to explore different sites.                                                                                                                                                 
  2. Use Google Advanced Search to continue your search and then try some of the German search engines on this site. Evaluate the information. Be aware of the source of the information. Is it a government or university website? Is it or sponsored by a respectable institution, newspaper, journal or magazine?                                         
  3. Keep a list of links to your articles, so you have a variety to choose from. The first three articles you find may not be the best ones. Remember, it should be understandable, reasonably short and relevant. You only need 3 articles, but it is helpful to have other videos, photos, etc. If you save a resource (article, photo, video) be sure to note all citations.

  1. If you are feeling frustrated or unsure about a resource, ask for help! :) 

Keywords / Useful Vocabulary

die Immigration / die Einwanderung = immigration

einwandern = to immigrate

die Ausländer = foreigners

die Einheimischen = locals

die Heimat = homeland

der Einwanderer = der Immigrant

der Migrationshintergrund = migrant background/someone from a different culture or country

die Integration = integration

sich integrieren = to integrate 

Kulturelle Vielfalt = cultural diversity

Gastarbeiter‚Äč  = guest worker

Berliner Mauer = Berlin Wall